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External web source links.

The information we expose on our website from other web sources by means of
hyperlinks or deeplinks is not considered as ours and we are not responsible for it.
While publishing relevant contents our team was not aware of any covert or
inappropriate activity the web source conducted. We don’t aim at monitoring any
changes or updates of the linked sources, so we do not renew this information on
our website. In case the linked source possesses any harmful or inappropriate
information, the full responsibility lies on the owner of this web source. We guarantee
to remove the links provided that we are notified about the irrelevant or illegal
contents of the web source we used.

Copyright rules

The website content (brand names, trademarks, texts, images and etc.) is the
property of the copyright owners or administrators and it is protected by copyright
laws. In case you would like to use or reproduce the content exposed on our
website, we kindly ask you to contact our team in order to avoid any violations of the
rules. We will get in touch with the copyright owners to resolve any issue you need.
The trademarks ( all Apple Inc. trademarks, for example), brand names, icons or
images are the property of their legal owners. They are exposed on the website with
the purpose of promoting the Grafilla services and they don’t mean any affiliation or
cooperation with the mentioned trademarks or brands.
Note that some commission might be added to your purchase in case you get to the
web source you needed using the link exposed on our website, as our website is the
member of monetization affiliate programme.

Inappropriate links report

If you consider any of the exposed web sources unreliable or suspicious, please,
contact our team immediately. We will deal with the issue as soon as possible.
We do our best to provide our website with correct and legal information, though we
do not guarantee that it is fully complete. We are also not engaged to ensure the
updated information or the information about the availability of the web source
mentioned on our website.

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